Saturday, October 7, 2017

MGBK's Family Event .

Assalamualaikum and hai ! 

All of sudden I have the desire to update my so-called "dusty blog". Lots of things occurred for the past two years. I've graduated and posted to Chinese school in Selangor. I lost my beloved mom last year (Al-Fatihah) and etc. But then, I'm still grateful for everything and I tend to focus on the positive sides of my life. Please pray for me too :)

So, this is my second program with the Majlis Guru Bimbingan & Kaunseling (MGBK)'s family. First, I joined their event in Bukit Cerakah. From there, they asked me to write my details so that I can join them for the next event. So, here I am... I received a letter from PPD, where I need to attend a camp for 3 days and 2 nights at Kem Harmony Excellence, Janda Baik. At first, I thought that 40 of us need to become the facilitators for the event. But then, during the briefing I was told that we'll only have to attend a slot on the second day. So ? HOLIDAY MODE ON ! Hihi :)

There were not much that we can do. So, we decided to just sleep in the dorm. And guess what. 5 of us overslept ! From Zuhr till Asr. The weather is too nice, where sleep cannot be avoided :') Because of that, we missed the chance to visit the village with others .

My roommates (Kak Salina is not in the picture) :)

On the next day, we need to attend our slots (santai only coz they're dealing with the makcik makcik and not the students). So, NO STRESS at all. Hihi ! Me & Helmi are the youngest during the camp. Most of the makcik makcik there had children with the same age with both of us. So, we're treated like their children and the younger ones treated us like their sister and brother. I love it since I could not have the chance to experience this in my Chinese school.

During the Training of Trainer's (TOT) Program on the second day :)

That evening, Kak Gayah (the red scarf) asked us (the overslept group) and others to go to her old friend's house there to eat lempeng. It's raining that time and we're quite hungry . So, all of us agreed and went there to fill our tummies. Yummmmy ! There, the owner's daughter (Mary Kay's consultant) asked us to join her make up class and we were taught on how to wash our face correctly :') 

That's Kak Gayah (the otai and the funniest one) in the middle :)

Later that night, since we're free and have nothing to do (holiday, right ? hihi) . My roommates and I decided to go to the hall to support the student's cultural night event. There, I was able to chat with Encik Raazi one of the consultants (he looks like hori ! bena's friend) about the next program that night. He said that there'll be Ikrar Perwira & Solo Drop . I have no clues at all about Ikrar Perwira . So, Encik Raazi invited us to join the program to know more about it. Basically, he just need to provoke the students to encourage them to talk and protect their leader. Somehow, it's too funny to watch them crying :')

140 students need to persuade Encik Raazi for not sending their leaders home :')

Then, three of us (kak niza & kak dila) decided to join the solo drop. We're the only woman teachers and it's already 1.30. All makcik makcik sleep already :') Basically the students were left alone somewhere in the parking lot (it's too dangerous to leave them in the jungle due to their condition after crying and the timing is not too suitable for the primary school kids) with their eyes covered. I enjoyed this (of course as a teacher) since we were given VERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY to tease them and we can heard that they were reciting the Zikr loudly. Hihikks ! 

So, the next morning. The makcik makcik wake us up at 7am and asked us to join them to take a bath in the river. As we slept at 3am, we refused to wake up and continue our sleep until 10am :') . Later, we have the closing ceremony and get ready to go home after lunch. 

I love this camp (or holiday) so much. It's an event where I was treated like a family and learn a lot about counselors' life at school . They knew that I have limited right to apply the knowledge in my school since the environment is quite different and I have the responsibility to teach English in school. But, they were proud and happy that I am interested to join their next event. 

MGBK's family :)

Till next time,

Thursday, December 24, 2015

abah .

al kisahnya . tak puas lagi ni ber pot pet kat twitter tadi . sambung sini pulak ! kih kih kih . abah ajak drive thru mcd . pukul 1.40 dah abah -_- hihi tapi bagi kami tu memang dah biasa . kalau masa kecik kecik dulu (sampai besar skang ni pon haa still sama) jenis abah dah pukul 12 maka keluar lah kami nak pi pusing2 bandar . biar ler duduk dalam keta je pon . so, jiran jiran pulak memang slalu tido awal . rumah kami aje lah haa slalu meriah sampai ke tengah malam (alhamdulillah adik beradik ramai) . tengok cha ler~ kol 3 or 4 pagi tido itu biasa . hahaha . padahal baru 2 tahon :)

akan aku rindu kan habit ni sampai aku tua . tapi tu lah . lain family lain lifestyle nya . kalau HN jenis yang pukul 12 sharp tido . memang dia tercengang lerr kalau aku ajak kluar . haha . kadang2 ada jugak cakap nak pi pusing2 dalam keta pon dah oke (petang oke . bukan malam) . tapi tu lah . dia mana faham yang aku dah disemai (cewahh) dari kecik macam ni . hahaha . tapi ada lerr kadang tu dia bawak pi pusing2 lepas balik kelas . tu pon kalau giliran dia park keta kat dalam . kalau kat luar ? JANGAN HARAP AZLINA ! hihihi .

so, dah balik dari drive thru tadi . maka berkampung laa dua beranak depan tv sambil tgok discovery channel (peveret abah) . baru nak ngap . dik mana cili sos . baru nak ngap kali kedua . dik mana kotak tisu . hahaha . senang kira kalau nak makan ngan abah kena complete . plus disiplin ! hahaha . nak isikan ais dalam gelas dia pon WAJIB basuh tangan dulu . kalau sediakan air nescafe . kena lap2 dulu yang tertumpah sikit2 kat tepi gelas tu . gelas x nak yang basah dan berbau . haaa . disiplin ! haha .

tapi aku x kisah . masa mula2 asyik kena tegur memang menyentap jugak keja nya . lama lama dah biasa . bila abah mintak air . walaupun just tuang air dalam gelas without air batu . tetap pegi basuh tangan . so, no hal lah kan ? benda baik :) tapi lately ni baru prasan . memang ada 1 perangai abah yang aku SAMA dengan abah tanpa sedar . hahaha . kalau makan . konfem ada suku bahagian yang tak habis . biar lah sesuap lagi pon nak habis . haha . benda ni banyak kali terjadi bila kluar makan dengan HN . jenuh jugak laa HN duk berletiaq ! haha . mama pon slalu bising kat abah . mungkin rezeki kita ada pada sesuap yang tak habis tu . haa . ada betulnya jugak kan ?

so, itu aje kisahnya nak cerita . eh panjang pulak entri pasal abah ni . hahaha . esok bukan father's day kan ? hihihi . ape salahnya . kita amik few minutes dari masa kita untuk hargai orang sekeliling kan ? so, conclusion nya ? HN is my prince while ABAH is always my king .

noktah .

Thursday, November 26, 2015

tamat kisah semester 6 :)

yaa . it's already sem break . tamat kisah semester 6 ! wehuuu . tapi aku tahu yang sem 7 akan lagi teruk . totally different compared to sem 6 . why ? sebab akan mula busy dengan proposal + supervisor (belum tahu siapa) + practicum for 3 months + almost 10 observations . urghh boleh jadi robot kalau camni gayanya . but, it's okay . cuti ni kita enjoy puas puas as if sleep at 3 am + download kdrama everyday + gaduh gaduh with dora gemuk (aliesya) and etc. macam tu ? hahaha . as long as i'm happy so who cares right ? :)

before cuti . kemain excited nak mula active dengan planner . bila dah dapat ? sampai skarang belom mula . hahaha . actually i'm a little bit disappointed with the quality . tak dinafikan design tip top and suits my preferences . tapi dari segi inserts dia and the monthly partitions agak mengecewakan . it's okay . just pakai untuk memudahkan kerja sem 7 nanti okeii ? kumpul duit . sem 8 kita pi tikam kikki k ke . kate spade ke . erin condren ke . filofax ke . carpe diem ke ? hahaha . amboii ! bab berangan no 1 ! tapi buat masa skang . moh lerr kita guna local planner aje dulu . bersyukur dengan kemampuan . gitchewwww ! :)

noktah .